What is an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey? An explanation of what an ALTA Survey is for and what is found on them.

What Is An ALTA Survey or ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey for?

What Is An ALTA Survey or ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey for?

An ALTA Survey, technically an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, is a survey completed for title insurance purposes. An ALTA Survey may be a requirement when a loan is taken out on the property or as a condition for the sale of the property.

The ALTA Survey is based on a current Title Report, which contains a list of recorded documents pertaining to the property, such as existing easements burdening or benefiting the property.

What is on an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Drawing?

On the cover sheet: We place small map depicting where the property is located. There is a complete legal description of the property, if there are any problems found, they will be noted. A complete list of Table A items applicable to the survey are listed along with a proper response. A complete list of the Schedule B exceptions are shown. A list of notes will be found describing important information about the survey.

On the plan sheet(s): Typically any buildings, sidewalks and other permanent improvements are shown. The property boundary will be a heavy line with the appropriate bearings and distances on them, record bearings and distances are shown if applicable. At each property corner there will be a description of the survey monument found or set. Any important notes will be color highlighted to indicate their importance. All easements will be shown with the schedule B item number. Each different easement will be of a different line type and/or color to make it easier to see. The buildings will be dimensioned to the property line.

See ALTA Survey Optional Table A Items for optional information which may be noted or depicted on the ALTA Survey.

See the ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey example which will show one of our drawings.

ALTA Surveys - ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Information

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